Berry Global launches Berry Global Tooling Services

Berry Global has launched Berry Global Tooling Services, a consolidation of the company’s regional global tooling operations into one comprehensive source of expertise, while maintaining the regional insights and local support services from across its more than ten global tooling manufacturing locations.

As a result, Berry’s current and future customers will have unique access to a full suite of tooling capabilities, including injection, blow, compression, and thermo-forming moulds that can be integrated into their existing product orders.

“Many companies rely on independent tooling shops to develop their tooling as it requires a niche skillset and understanding of regional packaging regulations, said Kevin Pennington, Vice President of Berry’s Global Tooling and Automation. “Berry Global Tooling Services eliminates the need for a third-party tooling manufacturer by providing a one-stop-shop for tooling and converting services at a global scale with regional expertise.”

The consolidation of Berry’s global tooling operations reinforces the Company’s commitment to providing customers across the globe with access to its industry-leading range of manufacturing capabilities, while offering the benefits of local service and speed. The unique ability to couple one of the largest available selections of tooling with regionally-based knowledge offers customers ordering product through Berry Global a competitive advantage by offering:

  • Faster turnaround from start to finish by eliminating potential back and forth with third-party tooling manufacturers
  • Greater assurance that the moulds will match appropriately with the production lines Berry works on every day.
  • Reduced shipping costs and lead times due to regional locations
  • Quality refurbishment options and reverse engineering expertise
  • Supporting reverse engineering and emergency repairs
  • Minimal risk to compromising any intellectual property

“The experts across our business are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers, regardless of their location or product specifications. As a converter, we understand the high-quality end products our customers expect. Creating moulds for these products in-house and closer to their end use allows us to fulfil our customer promise of Innovation for the World. Solutions for You.” said Pennington.

Moulds are developed at one of Berry’s ten global tooling facilities and transported to a nearby Berry manufacturing facility where production takes place. Learn more about Berry Global Tooling Services at

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