Bleckmann decide to work with Ranpak Packaging

Bleckmann, experts in supply chain management for fashion and lifestyle brands, recently selected to work with Ranpak’s Cut’it! EVO packaging machines for their efficiency.

The Cut’it! EVO is an automated packaging solution from Ranpak which increases productivity and reduces costs significantly. Once products are packed into their shipping boxes, this end-of-line packaging machine determines the highest filling point, cuts excess cardboard and automatically applies a glued lid, resulting in a smaller box with less air, ready for palletizing and shipping. The integrated box height reducing machine speeds up the packaging process and reduces complexity in logistics operations. Cut’it! EVO creates up to 15 optimally sized boxes per minute, ensuring a very high throughput, where peak loads are no problem at all.

Sustainable solution

For Bleckmann, results have included transport volumes that are on average 25% smaller providing more boxes per pallet, with less material cost and less shipping cost. The result is improved operations and, of course, greater sustainability. The highly visually appealing boxes provide premium unboxing experiences for customers with stronger, smaller and easy-to-open parcels via tear-off strips. By shipping less air and padding material, using paper-based, curb side recyclable and biodegradable materials Bleckmann’s sustainability brand profile improves as well as the environmental impact of business operations. 

A high level of protection is achieved by a lid glued to a height-reduced box. This creates so-called “tamper proof” boxes. In addition to being innovative, the machine is user-friendly thanks to a

12-inch HMI display for easy operation. Large transparent sliding doors also allow employees to keep an eye on the machine while it is running. And if further inspection or service is needed, the camera equipped connectivity system inside of the machine provides 24/7 online support.  Cut’it! EVO offers improved productivity in normal operation. This machine is easy to use, and because there is less labor needed to monitor operations, recruiting and training needs are significantly reduced.

Thanks to the Cut’it! EVO Multi-Lid solution that is being used along with an original Cut’it!™ EVO machine, Bleckmann has the ability to consolidate their packing lines even further with up to four uniquely designed lids able to be applied by a single machine. This adds to the capabilities of the Cut’it! EVO, providing a single source for multiple branded lids that enhance the unboxing experience.

E-commerce and customer satisfaction

“As e-commerce continues to gain ground, automated packaging allows us to achieve higher throughputs with fewer people. With this higher productivity, we can assign our people other tasks that are necessary to continue our growth. Even at Bleckmann, we are facing increasing costs and rising order volumes,” said Kevin Paindeville, Warehouse Solutions and Innovation Director at Bleckmann. Automation will help ensure that we as Bleckmann can continue to meet ever-increasing customer expectations, such as same-day delivery. Appropriately sized boxes will also improve customer satisfaction, as less padding material needs to be thrown away or recycled.

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