CIRCOR highlights its Zenith Drum Metering System

CIRCOR International highlights its Zenith drum metering system, a precise and concise system that drastically reduces capital expenditures (CAPEX) while eliminating sealing costs and maintenance.

Sealing issues are the most common problems that lead to failure mode in pumps. There are no seals in the Zenith drum metering system. Its submersible design removes the need for a shaft seal. This eliminates the number one issue that leads to failure, slashing cost and maintenance time considerably. 

The Zenith drum metering system also does not require a booster pump, leading to significant cost savings and making the system more easy to manage overall. By eliminating the need for expensive feed pumps, flow meters, pressure regulators and dampers, the system reduces CAPEX costs across the board. 

Maintenance time and costs are further reduced by the system’s simple design, which includes only 3 moving parts, as well as its premium hardened materials that offer wear resistance and long life that lasts over 30 years. The system’s performance results in one deliberate, pulsation free flow, where a variety of pump sizes and models can handle a range of flow rates, pressures, viscosities and temperatures. 

CIRCOR crafts its Zenith metering pump systems to meet the bespoke needs of its customers’ process applications, whatever they may be — from dosing, filling, injection, coating, and coloring to flavoring, extruding, spraying, and fiber spinning. CIRCOR can also accommodate fragrance metering, colorants,  fillers, antioxidants, surfactants, emulsifiers, preservatives, adhesives, and expensive trace ingredients. 

Whatever the material or application, Zenith’s engineering experts design and tailor precision metering pump systems. It is CIRCOR’s standard of service to offer the most value and lowest total cost of ownership in nearly every solution. For more information visit,

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