GreenBroz announces The Holy Roller the optimal commercial cone-filling machine

GreenBroz Inc., the leader in post-harvest processing technology, has announced the Holy Roller, an evolutionary leap in high-capacity pre-roll machines. It can produce 3,000 plus cones per hour with unrivalled fill accuracy and consistency.

The Holy Roller is the product of extensive R&D by an engineering team with over three decades of experience in cannabis and automated packaging. The machine achieves an impressive output rate with unmatched consistency and only a .0012 density variance. This is over 10x more precise than any other pre-roll machine on the market. 

“When we decided to pursue automation of making the perfect joint, we knew we needed something designed with the real-world properties of cannabis in mind,” said Cullen Raichart, GreenBroz CEO. 

“We focused on consistency, which is the lifeblood of your brand, and on what consumers desire: pre-rolls packed densely and evenly and filled with a coarse grind for proper airflow. We are proud to release a machine that delivers all of those qualities, producing cones that are not only identical but provide the same great user experience every time.”

To achieve superior accuracy and efficiency, the Holy Roller uses active weighing technology and proprietary cannabis separation technology, eliminating discrepancies in cone fills and cutting down on clogs. Pre-roll producers will be able to make joints ranging from .35 grams to a full gram with one universal cone, which allows them to fulfill multiple product SKUs and streamline ordering, storage, and inventory.

The Holy Roller is the only commercial cone-filling machine on the market engineered to accommodate whatever grind size the operator chooses to use, including the 3mm grind, the optimal particle size for smokability and flavor. 

“Getting a better understanding of what’s happening inside pre-rolls when consumers smoke them is vital to improving quality. After extensive airflow testing, we have found that the 3mm grind allows the air to travel through the length of the cone more efficiently and burn evenly, giving consumers a smoother smoking experience,” said Raichart.

“The Holy Roller is a real game-changer and gives pre-roll producers an edge in the highly competitive market, providing them with the perfect mix of quality, quantity, uniformity, and airflow to position their brand as a leader in consistency.”

To accommodate different operational needs, the machine is available in two or four-lane variants. GreenBroz offers convenient purchasing options.

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