Ishida weighing flexibility supports speciality tea growth

Continuing growing demand for Slovakia’s top-selling ranges of health and wellness teas has led leading manufacturer Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad to install a second Ishida multihead weigher at its factory in Poprad.

Operating at around 30 packs per minute, the Ishida CCW-RVE-214-W-1S-30-SS 14-head model with 3 litre size hoppers is using count priority software. This checks the number of tea bags in multiple hoppers to ensure the correct number of pyramid teabags, 15, are packed into foil pouches, which are subsequently placed into cartons

The Ishida RVE model features patented Ishida technology, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), that provides greater control of the infeed of product at the top of the weigher and during transfer to the weigh hoppers. By being able to automatically vary both the amplitude and frequency of vibration, the weighers ensure a steady and consistent flow of product in order to maintain speed and efficiencies and eliminate the danger of overfill in the hoppers. This is of particular benefit for the lightweight teabags which each weigh around 2g. The proven accuracy of the multihead weigher ensures consistent pack weights and minimises product giveaway for Baliarne.

Baliarne produces a range of nine wellness teas under its Popradský brand and five health varieties under its Mistral brand and the availability now of the two Ishida multihead weighers gives the company the flexibility to respond even more quickly to customer requirements, as Peter Paciga, Baliarne’s Production Director explains:

“We pride ourselves on being able to deliver orders the day after they have been placed, so we need to have the facility to switch between products quickly if required. The Ishida weighers are easy to set up and operate and changeovers, including cleaning using compressed air, can be carried out in under half an hour.”

While the new RVE is primarily dedicated to the Mistral varieties, the two weighers are linked so that product can be sent to either one, giving Baliarne the ability to adjust production as required to meet daily orders.

The RVE also incorporates as standard the Reporting Pack from Ishida’s pioneering Sentinel remote customer care software which supports the new generation of ‘smart’ factories as part of Industry 4.0 through the availability of remote access to live machine performance and reports.

Baliarne has been a longstanding customer of Ishida for both its weighing and X-ray inspection technologies, so was the natural choice when the company needed to increase production.

“Ishida equipment is reliable, easy to operate, and delivers pinpoint accuracy, and we receive excellent service and back-up from the company,” concludes Peter Paciga. “The latest weigher is playing an important role in helping us continue to grow our business.”

Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad is one of Slovakia’s largest producers of coffee and tea, operating from two factories in Poprad and Spišská Belá. Alongside its Popradský and Mistral brands, the company also produces its popular Popradská coffee.

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