Kraken Automation providing high-efficiency systems

Kraken Automation, a front-runner in automated manufacturing technology, continues to redefine operational efficiency within the global packaging and food industries.

With an extensive portfolio including automated conveyor systems, automated merge systems, automated packaging systems, and Cartoner Infeed and Transfer Systems, Kraken Automation stands as a beacon of innovation.

Their systems are now integral in the packaging processes of household products such as cleaning products, sanitary products and a wide variety of packaged goods, further amplifying their impact on daily lives.

Recent analyses underscore Kraken’s machines‘ capability to deliver a formidable 30% more uptime compared to conventional systems in the market. This uplift in performance and reliability is a pivotal advantage for enterprises aiming to ramp up their production levels while curtailing downtime, a prevalent challenge in the contemporary industrial landscape.

The perpetual dynamics of the food and packaging sectors beckon for higher throughput and trimmed operational costs. Kraken’s Automation’s meticulous engineering caters to these exigencies by furnishing streamlined, efficient, and highly dependable solutions. The embodiment of modern servo technology within their systems, devoid of mechanical parts aside from the paddles, epitomizes the zenith of maintenance-free operation.

Kraken’s engineering marvels are the brainchild of a seasoned team boasting over two decades of bag-in-box line experience, rendering them the undisputed authority on cartoner infeed and transfer systems. The dexterity of Kraken Automation’s engineering team headed by owner Bill Grant has birthed some of the swiftest, most efficient, reliable, and economically viable cartoner infeed and transfer systems accessible today. Their conveyor systems are a testament to modern engineering, leveraging modern servo technology which significantly curtails maintenance requisites.

Groundbreaking solutions

The Cartoner Infeed and Transfer Systems are particularly noteworthy for their high-speed performance, reliable operation, and economic viability. These attributes are quintessential for meeting the burgeoning demands of the packaging and food industries. The substantial reduction in maintenance downtime, courtesy of the modern servo technology, is a cornerstone of Kraken’s value proposition.

Global industry titans within the packaging and food sectors are now gravitating towards Kraken’s groundbreaking solutions, enticed by the promise of enhanced operational efficiencies and bolstered bottom lines. The global footprint of Kraken Automation is expanding, with its innovative solutions now being lauded and integrated by industry behemoths.

The narrative of Kraken Automation is one of relentless innovation, guided by an unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and the pursuit of engineering excellence. Their journey delineates a trajectory of continuous growth and the setting of new industry benchmarks.

Kraken Automation’s ethos of fostering long-term relationships with clients is underscored by their post-sale support and continuous engagement to ensure optimal performance of their systems. This customer-centric approach, fused with their technical prowess, positions Kraken Automation as a coveted partner for businesses worldwide.

The tale of Kraken Automation is not just about superior technology, but also about shaping a future where automation drives sustainability, efficiency, and the ultimate success of businesses in the packaging and food sectors globally.

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