Nyala illuminates Banbury Litho’s high-end packaging

Banbury Litho, the Oxfordshire-based business, sees swissQprint‘s Nyala 4 flatbed printer with its neon inks and relief printing as the perfect development to its high-end, influencer market packaging projects.

Since 1978, Banbury Litho has built a rich history in traditional lithographic processes, listing the National Portrait Gallery and Aston Martin as two of its many prestigious customers. From these roots the company evolved with a multi-million-pound, purpose-built factory, specialising in short-run individual packaging for high-end brands.

With excellence and innovation pre-requisites for Banbury Litho’s packaging success the business wanted to invest in a new machine that would meet its print quality and efficiency demands. Over two years of extensive testing and research culminated in the installation of a swissQprint Nyala at its site in Banbury in March this year.

Neon and relief print innovation

The combination of the Nyala’s process colours, along with neon pink, neon yellow, white and varnish, aligns perfectly with the increasing demand for visually striking packaging and digital print. The colour options allow for highly creative bespoke designs, crucial in the age of social media where presentation is key, particularly in the demanding fragrance and beauty sectors.

The Nyala also elevates Banbury Litho’s capabilities in relief printing, an important aspect of its short run, high-end packaging projects. The ability to print on a variety of materials, including fluted packaging and corrugated board, further solidified the Nyala as the correct choice for the business.

Matthew Plant, Managing Director at Banbury Litho said: “Our investment in the Nyala further enhances are bespoke offering, particularly for our influencer market ventures where packaging and its unboxing are an integral part of the brand experience on platforms like Instagram. The neon inks and relief printing are a huge step forward, ensuring our packaging makes an immediate visual and sensory impact.”

Keeping up with demand

The Nyala not only brings more value-added printing options to Banbury Litho, it also ensures the business can respond to the increasing volume for its packaging and digital print services. Previously, demand outstripped the capabilities of the business’s existing machinery, even with 24/7 operation. Now with the Nyala’s impressive output of up to 206 square meters per hour, the multifunctional flatbed printer is ensuring production can more than keep up with customer orders.

A sustainable addition

Sustainability also played a crucial role in Banbury Litho’s decision-making process. The company’s dedication to sustainability is complemented by the Nyala’s advanced engineering. Demonstrated by swissQprint’s ISO 20690:2018 certification, the energy efficiency of the Nyala keeps power consumption minimal. Its reliability and precision conserve inks and save time and resources, minimising wastage. Additionally, the use of Greenguard Gold certified UV-curable inks aligns with Banbury Litho’s goals to minimise the environmental footprint of its printing.

swissQprint UK Sales Manager Steve Pridham said: “We’re always conscious that our customers want a machine that produces exceptional results, sustainably. Banbury Litho’s commitment to these values made the Nyala an ideal fit and the perfect way to influence its innovative high-end packaging and digital print solutions.”

Header image: Sam Eley (L), Matt Plant (C) and Jonny Jones (R) from Banbury Litho with their new swissQprint Nyala.

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