Proseal showcases its localised support for the UK fresh produce sector

Proseal’s ability to deliver the speed and versatility required for efficient and high-quality soft fruit packing will be showcased at this year’s Fruit Focus exhibition.

Helping growers meet the ever-increasing demand for soft fruit, UK manufacturer Proseal is a market leader in tray sealing machines for the fresh produce industry, providing a range of flexible, sustainable solutions that meet the particular challenges of seasonal markets.

At Fruit Focus, the Proseal team will demonstrate the GT4s, a compact tray sealing model that maximises use of pack room space while still delivering fast speeds of up to 140 atmospheric packs per minute with a seven-impression tool.

The GT4 incorporates several proven Proseal-developed features that help to maximise performance, reliability and efficiency. Pro-Motion increases throughput with following motion and intelligent buffering technology that enables trays to feed continuously into the sealer without stopping. This can improve speeds by up to 30%. The GT4s also can be customised to include free flow gas flush Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to further extend the shelf life of perishable products.

Furthermore, as many retailers and manufacturers race to find alternative materials to plastic, Proseal tray sealing machines are capable of handling all the latest pack formats many of which are able to utilise existing tool sets in order to minimise investment. Recent introductions have included the Alexir Stackpack, a premium, craft-board punnet that provides an inline, off-the-shelf, fully printed card punnet, as well as the CKF Earthcycle Punnet – offering a complete plastic-free equivalent to a plastic punnet and a realistic, workable alternative.

In addition, as the company develops new features to meet new market requirements, these can also be retrofitted to existing models already in operation. This allows fruit growers and packers to keep up-to-date with changing consumer and retailer demands without the need to invest in new equipment. This is supported by Proseal’s preventative maintenance programme, PRoCARE, available 24/7, 365 days a year, which provides both on-site and remote service and advice that helps to maximise machinery performance and uptime.

Proseal will be sharing its stand with sister JBT company AutoCoding Systems (ACS), the industry leader in packaging line automation solutions. ACS’s AutoCoding coding management and packaging verification software will be showcased, as well as 4Sight, its automatic print inspection solution.

ACS’s advanced software system controls and monitors the entire production and packing process to provide an automated solution to replace manual paper-based systems. This ensures full visibility and traceability of customers’ orders from initial placement through manufacture and packing to onward dispatch. The combination of Proseal’s and ACS’s technologies enables the companies to devise bespoke solutions that meet the specific requirements of individual customers and deliver enhanced quality and efficiency throughout their production and packing operations.

“From the introduction of our first top seal trays to our most recent speed and efficiency enhancements and the ability to handle new pack formats, Proseal has always been at the forefront of support for the UK soft fruit industry”, said Eddie Holmes, the company’s Product Line Technical Director. “Soft fruit is a highly competitive sector and Fruit Focus provides the perfect stage to demonstrate how our tray sealing solutions can deliver multiple benefits, from materials cost control and sustainability to higher quality and efficiency.”

Proseal is part of the JBT Corporation family, a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing industry, committed to providing a service that surpasses customer expectations. 

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