Weighing investment reduces costs for pet food manufacturer

The accuracy of Ishida weighing technology has enabled leading Polish pet food manufacturer United Petfood Polska to maximise efficiencies and reduce operating costs in the packing of a range of granulated pet foods, leading to a payback on the investment within 18 months.

The two Ishida CCW-SE3-214W-1S-20-SS multihead weighers, 14-head models with 2 litre hoppers, together with a DACS-W and DACS-GN checkweigher, are handling a range of products between 6mm and 25mm in size for pack weights from 750g to 3kg. Speeds are 25 per minute for packs up to 2kg and 16 per minute for the heavier sizes.

United Petfood Producers is one of the largest private label manufacturers of premium dog and cat food, biscuits and snacks, with plants across Europe including two in Poland in Radom, Mazovia, and Biskupice Ołoboczne in Greater Poland. In an extremely competitive market, the highest product quality is essential, and the company has invested heavily to become one of the most technologically advanced and best-equipped suppliers of dry pet food globally.

“The accuracy of the Ishida weighers helps us to meet stringent quality standards,” said Michał Gierz, Head of Maintenance at United Petfood Polska.

The proven accuracy of the Ishida multihead weighers delivers for United Petfood  consistent pack weights and minimises product giveaway.In addition, the multihead weighers have the flexibility to handle a variety of differently shaped products, meaning United Petfood Polska is able to respond easily to specific customer requests.

The installation of the Ishida weighers formed part of the opening of the new factory in Biskupice Ołoboczne in 2018. The decision to invest in Ishida equipment was born out of Michał Gierz’s previous experience of the company while working in the meat and dairy industries.

“Ishida equipment is very accurate and reliable,” he said. “The machines work flawlessly. For me, they are the ideal solution.”

He adds that the weighers are also easy to set up and operate. “The software is very intuitive,” he comments.

Gierz says that the weighers work well in all conditions. Cleaning takes place every four hours for the dustier products, and every eight hours for other varieties, and the process is very quick and simple, with moving parts easy to remove and replace.

The initial installation of the equipment went very smoothly, and full training was provided for operators to help maintain the efficient running of the lines.

“The cooperation between our plant and Ishida is exemplary,” added Gierz.

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