A clear path is set for a recycling renaissance, says Eco Flexibles

UK headquartered sustainable flexible packaging business, Eco Flexibles, has added its support to the latest statement from the British Plastics Federation (BPF), regarding the soaring importance of recycling infrastructure investment. 

Responding to findings of the Big Plastic Count initiative, BPF reiterates that recycling works, saving between 30% and 80% of the carbon emissions generated by virgin plastic processing. The statement also underlines how, with the right investment and drivers in place, most of the UK’s plastic could be recycled with only 1% ending up in landfill.

As a business with a tremendous oversight of flexible packaging sustainability and the drive for better plastic waste and recovery paths, Eco Flexibles shares the belief that bolder investment in infrastructure is what will kickstart change on a societal level.

Simon Buswell, Director at Eco Flexibles, said: “We are all seeing the push for greater sustainability – it’s driving industries of every shape and size. It’s clear that around the world, consumers are backing brands that demonstrably and visibly seek to reduce their environmental impact. This is precisely why sustainable monopolymer flexible packaging, which can be recycled, has taken off.

“As demand continues to surge, it’s vital that the recycling infrastructure in place can keep up, otherwise we risk creating packaging that it perfectly recyclable and is sent to the correct waste channels by consumers, but still ends up generating waste. In addition, we still see plastic recovery channels looking fractured, inconsistent, and very different from one local council to another. This is precisely why investment is so vital, to connect the pieces of this complex puzzle. 

“We’re set to see a true recycling renaissance and the tipping point is in sight, but the right infrastructure needs to be in place, as the BPF statement concludes. A great example given is household collection of flexible packaging, which is common across Europe, but the practice has not been adopted in the UK. With a drive from consumer demand, all the pieces are slotting into place for a true circular economy in flexible packaging, we now need to focus on the last key parts of a closed loop system.”

Eco Flexibles partners with brands in the foods, grocery and pet food sector to develop, test and supply high performance flexible packaging. The business aims to use packaging technology to protect the earth’s natural resources, by making it simple for businesses to switch existing non-recyclable multilayer plastic packaging to recyclable monopolymer formats.

The business supplies a selection of ‘off-the-shelf’ film, pouch, skin film and lidding solutions, as well as bespoke options. 

Simon added: “The statement by BPF in response to the Big Plastic Count is extremely important. We are on the cusp of enormous change in behaviour – shoppers are driving demand for more environmentally considerate packaging, and with the right infrastructure in place, we’ll be on course for huge sustainability advantages. Let’s keep that momentum building!”

To find out more about how Eco Flexibles can support your business with sustainable flexible packaging innovation, please visit www.ecoflexibles.com

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