AGE Industries Ltd excels at delivering custom-designed corrugated packaging solutions

AGE Industries, Ltd, a leading supplier of innovative and custom packaging and shipping solutions for industry and government agencies, offers custom-designed corrugated packaging for manufacturers across many different markets, with boxes that securely protect products, reduce shipping costs and inventory through custom design, and visually appeal to retail customers.

Manufacturers rely on AGE Industries’ expertise and reputation for reliably delivering complete packaging solutions. Custom packaging solutions range from products as diverse as heavy, bulky automotive parts and major household appliances, to premium consumer electronics and fancy lingerie, to fresh and packaged foods.

For each application, the package designers at AGE Industries select among many different box types and inserts, including Die Cut, Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL), Full Telescopic Design Container (FTD), and Overlap Slotted Container (OSC). They utilize software to optimize the shape and size of the box to efficiently and safely package the product(s) contained within, and to ensure the boxes can be stacked securely on a pallet, without wasted space. 

AGE Industries excels at designing boxes that provide the optimal balance between the crush strength and weight/thickness to reduce the cost of materials and shipping. The use of recycled fibers also adds strength and reduces material costs. With a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, AGE Industries works with customers to ensure that packaging is curbside recyclable and is committed to ensuring that 100% of all waste and byproducts created in its manufacturing process will be recycled to make useful and safe products.

AGE Industries offers custom printing, with exceptional color matching, that increases brand awareness and supports point-of-purchase marketing campaigns. A variety of wax and varnish coating options are available. Additional customizations include partitions, eyelets, transparent windows, and die cut foam inserts

During the current supply chain challenges, customers rely on AGE Industries’ dynamic Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management system and efficient operations for timely delivery of packaging materials to keep manufacturing and distribution flowing.

For more information about the AGE Industries, Ltd, visit www.ageindustries.com.

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