AGE Industries provides cost effective KN95 masks that are comfortable and protective

AGE Industries, Ltd, a leading supplier of innovative and custom packaging and shipping solutions for industry and government agencies, offers highly protective KN95 masks that are comfortable and cost effective.

KN95 masks feature 4-layer protection, a step above most masks on the market, which are 1 to 3 layers thick. Further, KN95 masks provide a striking 95% protection against all particles that are greater than 0.3 µm in diameter. This includes bacteria, viruses, pollution particles, fine particles, dust, smog, pollen, and more.

KN95s offer even more protection than cloth masks, confirms the CDC on their website. The CDC also provided an update on January 14, 2022 removing concerns related to supply shortages for these masks, clarifying that people can in fact choose masks such as N95s and KN95s. Currently approved by the WHO as a safety measure from COVID-19, these masks’ superior protection is the reason why they are used by healthcare providers, patients, and citizens across the globe. KN95 respiratory masks are also regulated by the Chinese government under GB2626-2006, GB262-2019, and GB19083-2010.

KN95 masks offer considerable comfort. They are skin-friendly and do not cause rashes or irritation. KN95 masks also have a 3D foldable design, ear loops, and a nose bridge, allowing them to provide excellent fitting and sealing. The ability for these masks to fit the form of your face leads to better protection and also reduces fogging in glasses. Most other masks on the market do not fit well, leaving gaps near the side of the face and the nose uncovered.

Providing packages at 20 masks per box and 50 boxes per case, AGE Industries can ship anywhere in the US, Mexico, and Canada and can also deliver globally via AGE Industries or one of its partners. AGE Industries is committed to providing these protective and comfortable masks at affordable prices to people around the world who need them.

For more information about the AGE Industries, Ltd, visit www.ageindustries.com.

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