American Packaging release another Design for Recycle package

American Packaging Corporation (APC), a leader in flexible packaging solutions, announces the commercial launch of another RE™ Design for Recycle flexible packaging technology targeted at pet food products ranging from small pouches for pet treats to large bags (up to 38#) for pet kibble.

This American Packaging Corporation new technology joins a portfolio of packaging technologies in APC’s RE™ sustainable packaging portfolio, that also includes Design for Compost, Circular Content, and Renewable Content, as well as several additional Design for Recycle film and paper options.

The breadth of products as well as the focus on quality and premiumization geared toward the pet market were definite considerations for this development.  Conventional offerings tended to include multi-material laminates that could not be reused or recycled, and the goal was to develop packaging that was compliant with industry guidelines for recyclability and could be recycled where proper collection and sorting facilities exist.  Transitioning from these complicated laminates to PE-based materials compatible with recycling required use of newer material offerings and process technologies.  Ultimately, APC was able to optimize each package offering for appearance, shelf life, durability, manufacturability, and consumer functionality.

The technologies employed in the print web included both blown and oriented print webs as well as some more recent innovations providing even greater heat resistance which helped aid in improving the manufacturing operating window for these PE-based laminates. The sealants were also tailored for the application.  These included compositions that offered low seal initiation points, options for moisture and oxygen barrier properties, as well as grease resistance, and product durability.  Of particular concern was proper selection of the print and sealants that provided the drop and durability required for the larger format bags. 

APC was able to employ various print technologies including flexographic and rotogravure printing in combination with the print substrates to accommodate the desired appearance attribute, such as gloss, matte, pattern matte/gloss, clear windows, as well as employ higher CoF coatings that were important for maintaining stacking integrity in the large pallet formations.   

In addition to an offering of rollstock, APC was also able to integrate the manufacture of premade pouches which is common to this industry.  APC can manufacture bottom gusseted, stand-up pouches, dual side gusseted bags with conventional bottom seal as well as pinch bottom, as well as side-gusseted, flat bottom pouches all with the design for recycle, PE laminates.  Several of these pouch options can be enhanced with different closure options including Inno-Lok, press to close, and hook and loop styles closures as well as incorporate vents that are helpful with removing trapped air from inside the package which is important in stacking. 

The result of these developments is a broad offering of all-polyethylene (PE), Design for Recycle flexible package for most pet treat and food applications. The flexible packaging structures are compliant with the Association of Plastic Recycler’s (APR) guidelines for PE films and supported by a How2Recycle pre-qualification letter. 

“APC is committed to developing high-performance, sustainable packaging. Our RE™ Sustainable Packaging portfolio continues to expand with sustainable options for a wide variety of applications. For most products, we have one or more sustainable package options for our customers to consider for their brands, including Circular Content, Renewable Content, Design for Compost and Design for Recycle,” said Ray Graham, president of American Packaging Corporation.

Jeff Travis, manager of innovation and sustainability, added, “According to recent market studies, pet owners are increasingly focused on sustainable pet ownership.  Having options for sustainable and potentially recyclable packaging is necessary and APC has a variety of market-ready solutions.”

APC’s award-winning RE™ portfolio of sustainable packaging technologies has proven commercial success, supporting multiple brands’ sustainability initiatives.  For more information about American Packaging’s RE™ portfolio of sustainable packaging, which includes Design for Recycle, Design for Compostable, Circular Content, and Renewable Content packaging options: americanpackaging.com/product-sustainability.

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