BCMPA Appoints Emma Verkaik

Emma Verkaik has been appointed Membership & Marketing Director at the BCMPA – the Association for Contract Manufacturing, Packing, Fulfilment & Logistics as the organisation continues its growth and support for members across the outsourcing sector.

Since joining the team as a consultant 10 years ago, Emma has been pivotal in developing the membership, now heading towards 200 members, and has increasingly taken on additional roles within the organisation.

Rodney Steel, BCMPA Chief Executive, said: “Like myself, Emma came from a contract manufacturing/packing background, having run our own companies in the sector prior to coming on board to develop the BCMPA.”

Emma’s expertise, insight and experience have been invaluable in recognising and promoting the key role that the third-party outsourcing industry plays in supporting brands and retailers. Furthermore, her background in the industry and wider marketing experience has developed a deep understanding of the support that members look for in a trade association.

Two Decades of Success

Although UK-focused, the BCMPA has an enviable wider reputation internationally and celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. It is now a major force in promoting the services of the UK’s contract manufacturing and packing industry, encompassing a wide range of sectors including food and drink, nutraceutical, chemical, personal care, pharmaceutical, household and more.

The demand for outsourcing has grown exponentially in recent years, but with the arrival of the pandemic it has become tantamount to an ‘essential service’.

It has been really exciting to see how the BCMPA has developed into a major force in the industry and to have had the opportunity to contribute to its continued success within this critical industry sector,” said Verkaik. 

I’m delighted to join the board in my role as Membership & Marketing Director and look forward to building on the firm foundations we have put in place.”

Steel concluded: “Emma has already proven the value of her skills and expertise to the BCMPA and I have no doubt that her board appointment will continue to enhance the level of service that we deliver to our members.”

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