Berry M&H Beccles gains Zero Waste to Landfill status

Berry M&H’s Beccles factory has achieved Valpak Zero Waste to Landfill status on its first attempt.

The successful achievement is the result of a co-ordinated operation across the company involving the commitment of all employees. Special internal systems have been established to categorise, sort and store the various waste streams from the multiple operations within the site. The small amount of waste which cannot be recycled is incinerated and converted to energy.

Alongside this, an extensive training programme has been implemented throughout the operation to detail the importance and benefits of Zero Waste to Landfill, helping to ensure that employees at every level remain engaged and enthusiastic about the scheme.

Mark Maydew, QHSE Manager, said: “It’s a great triumph to achieve this certification at our first attempt and a testament to the success of the steps we have put in place. In addition, we consistently monitor all our waste streams and internal practices as part of our continuous improvement process, and this will be a key factor in maintaining Zero Waste to Landfill in the coming years.”

For more information on Berry Global’s sustainability commitments and initiatives, visit www.berryglobal.com.

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