Berry’s light weight food closure maintains user benefits

Berry Global is introducing a new light weight food closure that provides valuable weight savings to minimise material usage without compromising on overall performance and consumer convenience.

The company’s existing 55mm closure is now over 20 per cent lighter than the previous version, which Berry says represents a significant weight saving compared to other closures currently available.

The closure is suitable for a variety of ketchups and sauces. For maximum flexibility, it can be adapted to suit different neck finishes and specified with a choice of orifice configurations to meet the particular dispensing requirements of different products.

The valve offers clean, no-spill dispensing for ketchups and other sauces; the open and star-orifice has been developed for high-viscosity products such as mayonnaise; and a TPE valve is also available, which is RecyClass approved as a more recyclable option than a traditional silicon version.

“We recognise that customers wish to take every step possible to minimise the environmental impact of their packaging, but crucially this cannot be at the expense of its overall functionality,” said Matthias Hammersen, sales director food market, Berry Global Consumer Packaging International. “This is particularly true for food packaging, where hygiene, safety and convenience are all part of the overall consumer experience.

“With its lighter weight but still robust construction and enhanced recyclability, our new closure has been developed to meet these requirements.”

For more information on Berry’s wide range of food packaging solutions, visit www.berryglobal.com.

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