Berry’s PCR containers maintain strong user benefits

To help its non-food customers increase the sustainability of their packaging, Berry Superfos is now able to offer several of its existing and most popular industrial packaging ranges in versions containing 50 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) material as standard.

The use of 50 per cent PCR applies to the following Berry Superfos product ranges: SuperCube Rectangular and Square, SuperLift, SuperLift Extra, SuperFlex, PS Range, EuroFlex, Hobbock and Paintainer. All of them are robust, space-saving, and user-friendly packaging solutions for non-food products for business-to-business use, as well as for consumers. Importantly the containers also offer a mono-material solution, as they are made solely of PP.

“By choosing a packaging solution containing PCR, you contribute to the development of the circular economy. You save virgin materials and, after use, the packaging is suitable to enter PP recycling streams once again; a fact which many end-users today will find appealing,” said Uwe Zinnert, business development manager at Berry Superfos.

All containers with PCR content retain the well-known high quality and user-appeal of Berry Superfos solutions for efficient use in production, transportation and storage. They can also be decorated using Berry Superfos’s advanced In-Mould Labelling decoration technique, where artwork designs provide the opportunity for companies to promote to end-users that the packaging includes recycled content.

“The development of 50 per cent PCR options for our most popular ranges is part of the Berry Superfos focus on innovation that advances towards a more circular economy,” added Uwe Zinnert. “In fact, for more than a decade, we have developed and produced tailor-made containers with PCR content for various applications such as paint, surface coatings, building materials, de-icing salt, fertilizers and other non-food products. We are delighted that an increasing number of our customers show an interest in converting to packaging with PCR content.”

For more information on Berry Superfos’s range of packaging solutions, visit: http://superfos.com/News-archive/Strong-opportunities-with-recycled-material 

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