Bormioli Pharma continues to innovate on glass to achieve a better performing and more sustainable product

Bormioli Pharma is announcing new research and innovation projects as the start of the celebrations for the International Year of Glass, get underway in Geneva.

Through a series of initiatives carried out with an Open Innovation approach, combining internal resources with Research Centers, Universities and start-ups, the company aims at developing better performing and more sustainable glass products.

In particular, the collaboration with IMEM-CNR – within a new Research Center dedicated to glass – is now underway. Through the funding of a PhD scholarship lasting three years, it will allow the development of new external and internal coatings designed to increase the performance of glass, both from a chemical and mechanical point of view.

On the performance front, the company is also experimenting – again as a result of a specific collaboration with the CNR – with an innovative treatment to make Type II (soda-lime) glass bottles even more resistant, thus ensuring greater stability of the pharmaceutical formulations they will contain.

On the sustainability front, Bormioli Pharma has chosen to adhere to Glass Future, a British project that aims to develop an innovative, low CO2 emission approach to glass production. The project, which will last ten years, will soon see the opening of a pilot furnace in the UK dedicated to the experimentation and application of these technologies.

“In a year marked by celebrations, we are ready to confirm our role as innovators also in the field of glass, with several concrete research and development initiatives,” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “This commitment is all the more important in a sector such as pharmaceuticals, where glass has not only the function of containment, but of protecting therapeutic efficacy, and where the constant increase in production numbers requires a serious rethinking of our responsibilities towards the environment.”

Sustainability is an increasingly central theme for Bormioli Pharma, which has committed to manufacturing 50% of its products using materials with low environmental impact by 2025, and by the middle of this year will publish its first Integrated Report based on ESG parameters.

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