Coveris increases focus on paper-based solutions

Primarily known for its plastic packaging and film products, European packaging manufacturer Coveris has added a stronger focus on its paper packaging offer. But, according to CEO Jakob A. Mosser, this by no means marks a withdraw from the plastics packaging segment.

The Business Unit Paper was set up to showcase Coveris’ paper-based solutions and developments, and thus responds to the increasing demand on the market. “The environmental aspect and the associated demands from customers played a central role in this decision. Thanks to the strong innovations we have made, paper has become much more versatile in its applications. Thanks to many years of experience with this material and recent truly pioneering product developments, we have become the first port of call in the European market in this regard,” adds Coveris CEO Jakob A. Mosser.

Paper or Plastics? Both!

Paper is clearly on trend at the moment and the demand for paper solutions is steadily increasing. “We have over 30 years of experience in the production of paper packaging and have expanded this business area through investments and acquisitions. All of this is the basis for the innovations that we are launching in the paper sector, such as a recyclable paper packaging with very good barrier properties against moisture or grease,” said Mosser. The newly created Paper Business Unit – which already accounts for 30% of sales – does not, however, represent a departure from flexible packaging materials and plastic-based films for Coveris. Coveris is convinced that it can offer highly functional and truly sustainable packaging solutions based on both plastic and paper. “Of course, we will continue to set new standards in sustainable plastic packaging as well. For example, we recently launched a beverage shrink film that consists of over 80% recycled materials and developed fully recyclable flexible rice packaging for Aldi UK.” From the Coveris CEO’s perspective, it’s not about choosing between paper or plastic, it’s about finding the best, most eco-efficient and best performing packaging for the respective product – without any limitations in materials.

Waste avoidance as a guiding principle

Coveris has set itself a ‘No Waste’ vision that aims to avoid product waste, packaging waste and operational waste. “Our focus on recyclable and recycled packaging solutions made from a wide range of materials is the logical continuation of our waste prevention strategy” explains Mosser. “In addition to the innovations in paper-based solutions, we have many sustainable developments in films and flexible packaging – be it thinner materials, monomaterials, shelf life, use of recyclates or better recyclability. We continuously invest in research and development to further expand our pioneering role in Europe and worldwide.” 

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