Crafty Ramen Restaurants now offer sustainable solution for takeout packaging, in partnership with Friendlier

Crafty Ramen, creator of innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) ramen kits that ship Ontario-wide, and with restaurant locations in Guelph and Kitchener, has launched a new sustainability initiative, offering  a 100 per cent reusable packaging option for all restaurant takeout orders, in partnership with Friendlier.

“As an innovator in the food and beverage industry, we believe that Crafty Ramen is a great fit for this program,” said Kayli Dale, Friendlier co-founder and CEO. “Together, we will help deliver delicious ramen, without the waste that is typically associated with takeout meals.”

By providing restaurants with a zero-waste solution, Friendlier is helping to support Crafty Ramen in the company’s ongoing effort to reduce its environmental footprint across all areas of its business in 2022, and beyond. Friendlier’s closed-loop process is simple and comes at no extra cost to consumers. By agreeing to a small refundable deposit with the purchase of any takeout item at Crafty Ramen, customers simply enjoy their meal at home, scan the QR code on the container, and then return it completely contact-free at their convenience to a local Friendlier partner drop bin.

“At Crafty, we’re challenging ourselves to understand our environmental impact, learn where we can do better and explore meaningful ways to adjust our processes,” said Khalil Khamis, Crafty Ramen partner and CEO. “Our partnership with the Friendlier program gives us the tools to engage in positive change by offering a more sustainable experience through our restaurants.”

“The International Solid Waste association estimated that single-use waste has increased by 250 to 300 per cent as a result of the pandemic. It is incredible to see businesses like Crafty Ramen taking action against statistics like this by offering reusable options,” added Jacquie Hutchings, Friendlier co-founder and COO.

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