Demand triggers increased spray bottles supply from Berry

To help customers meet the continuing strong demand for trigger spray bottles, Berry M&H has created additional capacity across a number of its top-selling lines, leading to shorter lead times.

The bottles are available in 500ml and 750ml sizes in a variety of different designs, enabling Berry to tailor solutions to meet individual customer needs. In addition, bottles can be colour matched to specific branding requirements and feature large decoration and labelling areas. This gives companies the opportunity to maximise shelf impact in crowded and competitive markets.

Equally important, Berry can help to support customers’ sustainability goals, with the PET bottles able to incorporate post-consumer recycled material (PCR) at either 35% or 100%, subject to compatibility testing to ensure product integrity.

Berry M&H’s extensive range of trigger sprays is also supported by solutions from other parts of the Berry Global, including the complete packs Booster-S and APTP ranges.

For more information on our wide range of trigger spray solutions visit: https://www.berryglobal.com/en/product/dispensers-dosing

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