DS Smith and ERFURT Win Innovation Award

Wallpapering for the uninitiated can be anything between a bit of a faff and a full-on Sisyphean ordeal, especially all that measuring and cutting malarky. Well, imagine if there was in existence some form of cunningly conceived box that makes the whole nightmare child’s play…

Working with high-quality wallpaper maker ERFURT, DS Smith have created a stunningly smart box made of corrugated cardboard which replaces the wallpaper table and guarantees even inexperienced laymen an all-round successful wall design.

The wallpaper strip can be attached directly from the box to the pre-glued wall from the running roll. The integrated wall spacer, the positioning tabs for the ladder and the cut edge marked on the packaging ensure that the strips are always the right length. Waste of wallpaper material can be reduced considerably in this way. At the same time, the wallpaper box protects the wallpaper roll against soiling.

YouTube provides a quick introduction to wallpapering with the box

Thanks to the printed assembly instructions, DS Smith’s wallpaper box can be set up in no time at all and can be easily adjusted to the size of the wallpaper roll by means of reduction tabs inside the box. And it is just as easy to use; a video tutorial on YouTube provides a quick introduction to wallpapering with the box. Just scan the QR code printed on the box and DIYers can see on their own smartphone, step-by-step, how easy wallpapering can be.

An undeniable work of genius, the jurors of the Corrugated Board Innovation Awards 2021 were so impressed that they awarded the wallpaper box with the second place in their Sales Promotion category.

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