EcoTensil and Trendy Top deliver sturdy plastic-free paperboard spoon in turnkey top-cup

California-based EcoTensiland Poland-based Trendy Top sp. z.o.o have teamed up to deliver a new integrated private label top-cup solution which includes a Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) compliant, durable and smooth paperboard EcoTensil spoon to replace the plastic spoon in the top cup.

EcoTensil’s compostable paperboard spoon fits neatly inside a compartment in Trendy Top’s top-cups for a turn-key solution for food manufacturers targeting the popular single-serve on-the-go market. Trendy Top’s top-cups are designed with a compartment for the utensil which allows eating the single-serve product away from home. The spoon is hygienically sealed with a peal-away label. Trendy Top’s co-packing service offers customised inclusions such as cereal mixes, muesli or granola, chocolate dragees, or cookies, while the spoon stays separate and clean.

The sturdy EcoTensil paper spoon is made from PEFC-certified paperboard and has the Flustix plastic-free trustmark certification – audited by the Din Certco Institute in Germany. The utensils are also compostable, recyclable, and use less material overall compared to wood or plastic.

“One of the key advantages of this solution is that it complies with the 2021 EU Single-use Plastics Directive for single-use plastic utensils on food packaging, while at the same time our best in class “multi-tensils” deliver superior sensory experience and durability for the consumer,” says EcoTensil founder and CEO Peggy Cross. “Trendy Top is a great fit with us because we are both specialised yet agile companies that have achieved the highest levels compliance for our businesses.”

Trendy Top is a leading top-cup producer for dairy, ice cream, and on-the-go ready meals in the EU and has some of the highest food safety standards in the industry. “We have chosen to work with the EcoTensil AquaDot spoon for our top cup due to its plastic-free Flustix Trustmark by Din Certco, the company’s long history of making paper utensils, and the pleasing consumer experience based on our testing,” says Trendy Top CEO, Krzysztof Bojdol. “Trendy Top has always selected best-in-class components for its foods and packaging materials. There are plastic-free claims being made in the market which cannot be verified. EcoTensil can back up their plastic-free claims with their Flustix Trustmark from Germany.”

The paperboard used to make EcoTensil AquaDot utensils is similar to the material used to make coffee cups, but without any plastic. With one simple “bend to touch dots™” fold, the compact, EcoTensil becomes a sturdy scoop for single-serve cups of yoghurt, oats, cereal, quinoa, desserts, and so much more. Like all EcoTensil cutlery, the certified plastic-free AquaDot line offers a pleasing sensory experience that complements the food. In fact, EcoTensil has been 3rd party verified as being on par with plastic in terms of smooth texture and it does not detract from the flavour experience of food or leave a negative aftertaste, as can some wooden utensils.

“In keeping with our commitment to using only best-in-class components, we are pleased to be working with the durable EcoTensil to replace the folded plastic spoon in our top-cups to comply with the SUPD,” says Krzysztof Bojdol. “EcoTensil has been producing these paperboard utensils for over 12 years, so they really know how to make a well-functioning and pleasing spoon, by far the best we have experienced in Europe.” 

“We have spent the last 12 years perfecting the silky mouth-feel, smooth edges, structural strength and overall pleasing nature of all our utensils,” says Peggy Cross. “Our customers love them – they have worked hard to perfect the flavours and textures of their foods, but the texture of wooden utensils can negatively impact the taste experience of their lovely products. EcoTensil offers a terrific, smooth alternative. We are over the moon to be partnering with Trendy Top who share our commitment to integrity, flexibility, and excellent customer service.”

Customers may contact the EcoTensil sales team in Europe (https://www.ecotensil.eu) or Trendy Top (http://trendy-top.com/en) to learn more about this solution or request samples.

Header image: California-based EcoTensil and Poland-based Trendy Top sp. z.o.o have teamed up to deliver a new integrated private label top-cup solution which includes a SUPD-compliant, durable and smooth paperboard EcoTensil spoon to replace the plastic spoon in the top cup.

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