Hébert Group joins forces with PulPac and sets up Dry Molded Fiber production

Hébert Group becomes a licensee and sets up production with PulPac’s pioneering Dry Molded Fiber technology. The production platform “PulPac Modula”, developed by PulPac and its partners, will be installed this summer in their facilities located in Orgelet, in the East of France.

Hébert Group has a history of constant focus on innovation and looking to the future, with sustainability as a key driver. With an expertise in thin wall packaging and in-mould labelling, the company supports some of the biggest brands in the global food industry.

Julien Hébert, Technical & Sales Director, Hébert Group said “We believe that the packaging industry is entering a new era driven by fast-evolving regulatory systems and customer expectations. At Hebert Group, we take pride in being in the forefront of that market shift and our collaboration with PulPac will allow us to develop and manufacture truly competitive fiber-based solutions. PulPac’s pioneering technology is not only about strengthening our offering and our customers’ brands, but also about leading the way in our industry.”

Dry Molded Fiber, invented and owned by PulPac, is a fiber forming technology that can replace single-use plastic with sustainable fiber-based alternatives at low cost. To accelerate the shift, PulPac has together with partners developed the PulPac Modula standardized machine platform. The company is on a mission to replace single-use plastics at scale, and this is a first in a stream of Dry Molded Fiber machinery rolling out to licensees, setting a new standard for sustainable fiber-based packaging.

Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer, PulPac said “We are truly impressed by Hébert Group’s innovative mindset and ability to adapt to new technology, which has created very solid partnerships with some of the biggest names in the global food industry. We look forward to a long-term partnership where we can share know-how and expertise to leverage the full potential of dry molding within Hébert Group’s operations and customer network.”

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