Host Defense unveils updated packaging design

Fungi Perfecti, LLC, makers of Host Defense Mushrooms, introduce a brand new look and feel to their supplement line packaging.

The updated packaging design features a sophisticated jewel tone color palette, visual representations of mycelium, beautiful fruit body imagery, and updated brand and product attribute iconography.

The Host Defense product line will transition into the updated packaging incrementally throughout 2022.

“The previous design holds a lot of sentimental value to those of us who have been here since we launched as a direct line over ten years ago,” said Betsy Bullman, Director of Sales and Marketing. “It’s easily recognizable and includes many visual elements that tell the story of Host Defense. In our redesign process we were able to retain many of those elements by evolving them. For example, the tree line represents the beautiful Evergreen State where we grow our organic mycelium and fruit bodies. The new packaging design incorporates a subtler, dual-toned tree line to reference our geographical place. Our new look stays true to our origins, highlighting mycelium imagery – a major Host Defense brand differentiator – and clearly identifying product benefits so the customer knows exactly what they’re getting.”* 

Regarding the updated design, Founder and Chief Scientist, Paul Stamets said: “I’m so happy about the continued evolution of our Host Defense product line! Mycelium has been such a significant brand differentiator for us, I love seeing it visually represented on our packaging and in our marketing. We are just beginning to untap mycelium’s potential to benefit people and the planet.”

One of the things that has remained the same in this new packaging line is the use of 100% PCR plastic – Post-Consumer Recycled Resin, derived from fully recycled plastic – for capsules bottles and powder canisters, 85% recycled paper for cartons, and recyclable amber glass for extracts and MycoShield sprays.

Fungi Perfecti – makers of Host Defense Mushrooms – is a family-owned company specializing in mushroom mycelium-based supplements. Founded by Paul Stamets with the goal of building the bridge between people and fungi, Fungi Perfecti has become synonymous with cutting-edge mycological research and innovative mycological solutions in everything from water filtration (mycofiltration) and ecological rehabilitation (mycoremediation), to using beneficial mushrooms to combat Colony Collapse Disorder in bee populations and to support human health through their Host Defense Mushrooms supplements. Their sustainability efforts are a natural extension of their continued mission to explore, study, preserve, and spread knowledge about the use of fungi for helping people and planet.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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