Hugo Beck wins ‘Top 100’ award for the fourth time to confirm its standing as one of Germany’s most innovative SMEs

Hugo Beck’s commitment to innovation in horizontal film, flowpack and paper packaging machines, as well as automation solutions, has been recognised with a prestigious award.

For the fourth time, the packaging machine specialist has received the ‘Top 100’ award, which honours the most innovative companies in the German SME sector. The award, now in its 29th year, commends Hugo Beck’s success in innovation management and its achievements in developing sustainable packaging solutions.

With its preceding wins in 2006, 2011 and 2016, the award acknowledges the strength in innovation of the Swabian family-owned company. With over 65 years of experience in providing customised film packaging machinery across multiple industries, the manufacturer more recently has expanded its portfolio to include paper packaging machines.

“Sustainable packaging is the number one topic of the future for our customers to help them meet their environmental objectives,” explains Timo Kollmann, Managing Director of Hugo Beck. “As a packaging machine manufacturer, we must lead the way and offer futureproof solutions, continuously looking to innovate in the field of packaging technology with sustainability and Industry 4.0 at the top of our agenda.”

“We work in close collaboration with our customers, to realise their requirements and to deliver the ideal packaging solution to suit their needs. We’re delighted to be recognised for our customer-focused innovation.”  

In light of the global demand for sustainable packaging, Hugo Beck launched the first of its hybrid packaging machines in 2019, which helps reduce material consumption using extremely thin film and environmentally friendly paper within one application. This innovation was a key factor in the Top 100 audit process, as it provides customers the flexibility of choice in packaging materials within a single investment.

A more recent innovation is the development of the packaging machine paper e-com fit which uses uncoated, recyclable paper which can then be sewed closed. This has proven popular in the e-commerce and mail order sector and has since been promoted as an innovation by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

The Top 100 award examines to what extent a company is oriented towards innovation and how consistently its structures follow this goal. Special weighting is given to the question of whether, and how, innovations and product improvements can make a real difference to the market.  

The award ceremony will be held on 24th June 2022 at the German SME Summit, in Frankfurt, where the top innovators will receive congratulations from longstanding science journalist, Ranga Yogeshwar.

Pictured are Hugo Beck Managing Directors Timo Kollmann and Curt-Juergen Raiser

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