Jo Malone London’s limited edition evokes the British Isles

Fragrance and luxury lifestyle brand Jo Malone London partnered with international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack to develop unique wooden caps for its new limited collection.

Each year, Jo Malone London takes inspiration from its British heritage to create a unique collection of limited-edition fragrances, which play with unexpected ingredients to take you on a new and exciting fragrance journey. This year, it introduced Wild Swimming. The inspiration behind the collection was the pursuit of swimming in natural bodies of water. This aquatic pastime connects swimmers with nature, which is really the heart of the experience, whether it takes place in a lake or river, secluded pond, or the open sea.

The natural beauty of the British Isles is explored in five limited-edition scents. From crystal-clear shallows and bracing waves to hidden forest streams and city lidos, each fragrance captures a unique aquatic experience.

The new Brit collection is presented in clear bottles and wooden etched lids, which perfectly complement the collection and take you on a journey to capture a unique aquatic experience. Made in FSC-certified wood, the 30ml and 100ml cologne caps, as well as the home candle lids are decorated with an innovative combination of techniques that provide a driftwood effect where every piece is unique.

The wooden caps are sourced from sustainably-managed European forests and manufactured at Quadpack Wood, a pioneer in sustainable processes powered by renewable electricity and a biomass plant. The final driftwood aesthetics is obtained using the layering technique followed by a sanding process, creating exclusive patterns for each individual cap.

Quadpack Wood’s expertise was essential in such an ambitious project. As a leader in wooden components for cosmetics, it has the best minds and technology required for the challenge. Paired with its decoration knowledge, this expertise brought to life Jo Malone London’s unique caps with a marine touch.

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