Kite Packaging Announces New 300,900 Square Foot Site

Demonstrating Kite’s leadership and commitment to both the packaging industry and the local economy, the employee-owned business has announced official planning for its new building.

The new site at Prospero Antsy Park promises to aid Coventry’s transition into a dynamic core that market leaders gravitate toward. Situated amongst prominent industry forerunners, including Sainsbury’s, Meggitt and Rolls-Royce, Kite’s venture into the Park leads the city’s movement into a distinguished position on the commercial stage.

The base will contain the business’s Central Administration, online B2B platform operation, Compliance Division, Midland RDC, National Distribution Centre and largescale logistics organisation. Spanning over 300,000 sq.ft of logistics and a 26,000 sq.ft. Head Office building, it is likely to be one of the largest buildings to be built in Coventry in the next year, highlighting the record-breaking growth Kite has experienced over the last couple of years.

Kite Packaging’s new 300,900 square foot site to be built at Prospero Ansty Park

The move has been prompted by the urgency for more space in order to fulfil the accelerating demand for packaging products. The new location will boast state-of-the-art logistics to address this surge, drastically increasing the efficiency of their operation and enabling a greater capacity for more custom. The amplified logistics operation will create many new high-quality jobs, supporting Coventry’s aspiration to close the gap between the local unemployment rate and the national average. This development will connect local people to exciting opportunities within a rapidly growing business at a high-quality, modern workplace. Kite runs several training academies as well as an annual graduate program and apprenticeships all of which will be based out of the new facility.

The investment into the new site will remove any limitations currently placed on the potential of Kite Packaging, empowering the company to continue their impressive pattern of exponential growth. At a time when many industries are suffering, Kite’s evolution sparks hope and positivity for both local people and the economy as a whole. The site is planned to meet the very highest of standard both for the team’s welfare and from an environmental standpoint. The aim is for the site to use the very latest technology to ensure that it produces and stores all its own electricity as well as harvesting its own rainwater.

Gavin Ashe, Kite Packaging Managing Partner, comments: “As an employee-owned business, our greatest asset is our people, so having an amazing new home where we can continue to grow at the same time as having the space to learn and be creative is just fantastic.

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