Kite Packaging Launch Bale Arm Crate

Kite Packaging launch nestable and stackable bale arm crates. Made from hard-wearing regran plastic, they are eco-friendly, reusable and extremely functional.

Essential equipment for supermarkets, these crates are expertly manufactured for ease of transportation and storage. 

The bale arm extends to allow the user to hold and carry the box comfortably, a quality which is aided by the wide tray-like structure that evenly distributes the content’s weight. The box is constructed from lightweight yet durable regran polymer to ensure minimised strain when lifting in addition to withstanding heavy weights and water damage.

Simply retract the bale arm for the crates to become nestable when empty or keep it extended to stack the containers when full. The ridged design makes stacking smooth and the boxes suitable for conveniently storing a range of produce.

Although created for supermarkets, the potential applications of these crates are widespread due to the universal versatility of strong, practical and stackable containers. They would prove especially useful in warehouse environments where it is important to conserve space while having the necessary tools to safely move products across a pick and pack operation.

Kite Packaging now supplies two types of bale arm crates: a standard size and a deeper version with an impressive capacity of 20kg and 21kg respectively. A considerable volume of produce can be capably stored and transported within these boxes with the load being safely spread across the wide surface area to reliably protect both the contents and the user.

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