London’s Knockout Builds Bombay’s Bramble Brand

Great booze needs a great bottle, so with this in mind London agency Knockout got to work on the bottle design for Bombay Bramble, the Bacardi-owned Bombay’s new ruby-red drink.

Taking the fine distil from their London Dry Gin and infusing it with the rich fruit flavours of blackberries and raspberries, Bombay Bramble is the famous name’s answer to the ever-increasing demand for flavoured gins, but with a more refined approach than most.

Bramble is Bombay’s ‘creative new expression of gin’

So, when it came to the packaging, the bottle had to exude the same air of elegance and excellence, so a berry bramble etched in rose-gold lies at the heart of the branding, immediately informing on its flavour. Clear labels were selected to fully display the gin’s enticing ruby colour and also help add a jewel-like quality. And the finishing touch, a deep red cap is off-set by the two-tone scarlet inking on the neck.

We were tasked to effectively create a new sub-brand, adding a new dimension to the Bombay portfolio with a flavoured gin that challenges all things pink,” says Dominic Burke, founder at Knockout. “The design solution puts a twist on the existing architecture, reflecting Bombay Sapphire’s renowned expertise whilst conveying the new proposition with a bit of intrigue and allure.”

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