MULTIVAC presents a new full wrap labeller for random weight products

With its new L 312 model, MULTIVAC is launching onto the market a conveyor belt labeller, which now enables attractive full wrap labelling to be used for random weight products as well. The flexible and highly efficient solution will be shown to the public for the first time at Anuga FoodTec 2022 (Hall 8.1, Stand C010) and IFFA 2022 (Hall 11.1, Stand B11).

Retail packs of high-quality meat and fish products in particular are often sold based on their weight. The products must first be weighed, the price calculated, and the information then printed onto the label. The new L 312 performs this task precisely and reliably. This full wrap labeller is augmented with an optional weigh price marking facility.

This has been achieved by equipping the high-performance and robust full wrap model with a weighing system, which can be calibrated and is already approved by most European countries – with plans for approval in other regions of the world. The weighing system determines the weight of the pack very precisely and transfers the calculated product price to the labeller. An integrated thermal transfer printer is then used to print all the relevant information onto the label, such as for example weight, price, best-before date and even barcode, and the print layout can be designed to the customer’s particular requirements. The label is then dispensed onto the top of the pack, before being wrapped accurately around the pack like a banderole.

This robust model, which is constructed in a hygiene design, makes the automatic C and D labelling of packs possible at speeds of up to 120 per minute. If required, further label dispensers can be incorporated, so that additional top or bottom labels, as well as the full wrap label, can be applied to the pack.

The L 312 can be integrated into lines or used as a stand-alone solution with manual product infeed. It can also be integrated into MULTIVAC Line Control, which provides the maximum operating convenience. Thanks to the automated labelling process, producers and packers also benefit from a high level of precision, process reliability, and above all throughput. Since the setting parameters for the labeller, printer and weighing system are stored in the particular recipe, this also makes batch changes very fast, enabling downtime to be reduced to a minimum.

The benefits of full wrap labelling are now also available for random weight packs: attractive product presentation, high level of flexibility in the choice of label shape, material and adhesive, as well as maximum labelling accuracy, a large area for information, and an automatic labelling process. To provide additional security, the L 312 can also be equipped with optional label and print inspection.

And last but not least, this solution meets the increasing demands of the market in terms of not only efficiency and performance but also sustainability. Full wrap labelling scores heavily, when compared with cardboard sleeves, thanks to its high level of material efficiency: depending on the label material used, savings of up to 70 percent can be achieved on material costs.

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