Nulogy Launches Production Scheduling Solution

Nulogy has launched a Production Scheduling Solution to help users quickly and efficiently respond to customer orders and allocate labour and production capacity against the fluctuating demands of the current consumer goods market.

As fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, contract suppliers often manage multiple customers and short production runs, resulting in a highly dynamic and complex production scheduling environment.

Nulogy’s Production Scheduling Solution is designed to help users deal more effectively with these challenges, providing an intuitive, real-time visualisation tool that enables quick assessment and optimisation of production schedules. Multiple constraining factors, such as order promise date, planned downtimes, changeovers, staffing, material availability, run rates by product and equipment, and more are all accounted for. By enabling greater data automation, production scheduling can help manage dynamic work order environments with greater efficiency and accuracy, bolstering On-Time In-Full (OTIF) delivery performance and operational efficiency.

Technologically-enabled contract manufacturers and co-packers are critical to giving consumer brands the data needed to rapidly adjust to a fast-paced market,” says Josephine Coombe, Managing Director for Nulogy in Europe.

Through the development of new products such as Production Scheduling, the Nulogy platform is continuously evolving to meet the needs of our partners in consumer brands’ external supply chains.”

Key product features include:

  • Visual, drag-and-drop scheduling interface for more effective and intuitive planning
  • Ability to make real-time schedule adjustments without needing to wait for an algorithm to respond
  • Ability to assess key factors and their impacts on the production schedule (e.g., due dates, labour requirements, line availability, changeovers, maintenance, materials availability, run rates)
  • Connections to other modules in the Nulogy platform and to third-party manufacturing operation systems
  • Virtual schedule-testing platform that won’t affect live production schedules

By replacing spreadsheet-based scheduling workflows, customers using the Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution have observed operational gains such as:

  • More than 100% improvement in scheduling efficiency
  • More than 20% On-Time In-Full improvement
  • More than 20% profitability improvement through labour cost reduction

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