Nulogy Software to Drive Growth for CEVA Logistics

Nulogy has announced it will be extending its flexible cloud-based software as the global platform to digitalise the CEVA Logistics co-packing operations and enhance the firm’s agility and responsiveness.

Based in over 160 countries, CEVA Logistics uses technology and innovation to manage end-to-end supply chain solutions and deliver optimised and reliable solutions to its customers.  With co-packing sites operating several different systems, the business recognised the opportunities of standardising on one software platform to improve traceability and visibility across its operations and drive its digitalisation strategy forward.

Nulogy’s software had been in use at the CEVA Logistics Venray, Netherlands, site since 2017, and following a competitive tender, was selected as the best solution for the business, providing a scalable platform for growth across its co-packing network.

CEVA Logistics uses technology and innovation to manage end-to-end supply chain solutions

Bart Beeks, Global Contract Logistics Leader at CEVA Logistics, said: “Nulogy clearly demonstrated the technology-based benefits we expect in our logistics and co-packing sites, such as real-time inventory and production monitoring.

It was clear we had a strategic opportunity to leverage Nulogy’s cloud-based software to further optimise our production, improve materials and inventory management, and ultimately deliver even more agile and responsive service to our FMCG brand customers around the globe.”

Josephine Coombe, Managing Director, Europe, Nulogy, said: “We’re thrilled to be building on our existing relationship with CEVA Logistics to expand the benefits of digitalisation with the Nulogy platform across their broader co-packing network.

As brand customers increasingly seek collaborative and responsive partners to ensure a resilient external supply chain, innovative co-packing leaders who embrace digitalisation enjoy a significant competitive advantage in the market.”

Nulogy’s software solution will be deployed to CEVA Logistics co-packing sites throughout 2021 with the change management process supported by a combination of on-site installation, video-based conferencing and the robust online learning platform, Nulogy University.

Our focus is on ensuring each CEVA Logistics site reaps the benefits from the improved cost transparency and control of co-packing services our software provides,” concluded Josephine.

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