Packamama launches as the climate tech packaging spin off from Garçon Wines

Garçon Wines, the multi award-winning scale-up business best known for bringing eco-flat wine bottles to market, is spinning off the packaging elements of the business under the new brand, Packamama.

This new name and identity better reflect the business’ values, offerings, and future direction. 

Inspired in name by the revered Inca goddess Pachamama, Packamama offers packaging protecting Mother Earth. It encompasses the packaging supply and bottling elements to third parties previously handled by Garçon Wines, including their climate-friendly eco-flat wine bottles which are flat to save space and made from 100% recycled PET to save weight and energy. Superior shape and best-in-class material choices help slash greenhouse gas emissions to address the wine industry’s carbon footprint hotspot of round, glass bottles.

Realising the potential of eco-flat bottles to help create a more sustainable wine industry, and after receiving much commercial traction and media interest, Garçon Wines quickly pivoted to primarily offering their lower carbon packaging format to other wine businesses. As the packaging business does not provide wines, it became increasingly confusing to be named after a traditional French waiter and to include ‘Wines’ in the company name.

Launching the packaging business line as Packamama reinforces their vision to be a driving force in the acceleration towards a low carbon future in the drinks industry by providing climate tech packaging designed for a circular economy, starting with wine. The new liquid-agnostic brand name opens the opportunity to cater to strong demand for more efficient and planet-friendly packaging in other industries such as olive oil and spirits.

With the new business brand launch coinciding with Mardi Gras, Santiago Navarro, CEO & Founder of Packamama, said: “Beyond Carnaval and pancakes, this day is also known as a day of giving thanks to the planet. Over the last 60-100 years, humans have over consumed, over polluted, and damaged the natural world. This has caused ecological meltdown, mass biodiversity loss, and a serious existential threat for the human race as outlined in yesterday’s latest IPCC report. When looking at areas to innovate to help safeguard the planet, rethinking packaging from base assumptions can uncover its full potential as a force for good in contributing to circular models and helping slash carbon footprint. Our new name and accompanying visual identity are designed to be uplifting, memorable and purposefully distinct from other packaging businesses, perfectly solidifying our commitment to creating packaging that protects Mother Earth. Indigenous people have inspired us as their tradition of nature conservation we must now all follow.”

Packamama will continue to build the traction of eco-flat wine bottles with multiple, well-respected brands set to launch in the format in Europe, Australia, and the USA in the months to come. Meanwhile, Garçon Wines will still operate, but as a separate sustainable wine brand owner and wholesaler business.

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