Packsize and Walmart collaborate to set new standard for e-commerce fulfilment

Packsize, the market leader in sustainable, Right-Sized Packaging On Demand, unveiled the Ultra5, a right-sized, on-demand box machine built around the recently announced X5 technology.

The Ultra5 was built exclusively for Walmart and has already been installed in multiple fulfillment centers (FCs) including the first of Walmart’s next generation FCs.

As is the case with Packsize’s X5 machine, the Ultra5 can produce up to 600 boxes per hour, and provides the highest packaging throughput in the industry for its class, while contributing to less waste and fewer emissions. The Packsize solution reduces packaging waste caused by oversized boxes, negates void filler like plastic air pillows, reduces shipping emissions, and improves the end-consumer’s overall unboxing experience. By right-sizing boxes, the technology minimizes the costs and environmental impact of extraneous and unneeded corrugated boxes. It also improves parcel logistics, enabling retailers to fit up to 33% more boxes on freight and delivery carriers – ultimately getting more orders to customers daily.

“By working with Packsize to develop the Ultra5 machine, we created an innovative packaging solution that tailors each box to the items we are shipping to customers, eliminating unnecessary waste and improving the unboxing experience once the package arrives,” said Prathibha Rajashekhar, senior vice president, innovation & automation, Walmart U.S. “In keeping with our commitment to becoming a regenerative company, the Ultra5 solution is a win for our customers, the business and our planet.”

In addition to its environmental benefits, the Ultra5 is also an incredible e-commerce asset for Walmart’s fulfillment network. Its industry-leading speeds contribute to faster throughput, with the ability to have orders packed, labeled, and ready to ship in as little as 30 minutes. The Ultra5 also includes a unique “Flaps Down” feature, allowing boxes to seamlessly flow through the packaging process by placing a paper band around the flaps to secure them to the sides of the box.

“Walmart’s fulfillment network and addition of 4 next-generation FCs are not just a game-changer, but a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce,” said Rod Gallaway, CEO of Packsize. “They have embraced cutting-edge and innovative technology, like our Ultra5 machine, and taken bold steps to streamline their fulfillment processes.  Packsize is proud to work with Walmart to help set a new standard for customer convenience, satisfaction, and e-commerce order fulfillment.”

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