Paua partners with LiftFoils for range of elite board bags

Paua, the patented UK-based packaging materials technology company has partnered with LiftFoils to create the lightest and most durable board bag ever.

Engineered for LiftFoils’ eFoil product range, the bags move away from the traditional use of weaker and unsustainable nylons and PE materials and instead harness Paua’s ground-breaking, ultra-lightweight material, which provides maximum protection from impact, penetration, cuts and weather, making it like no other product on the market.

Founded out of frustration of expensive surfboards being damaged during travels, combined with a passion to redefine sustainability when packaging and transporting goods, the eco-friendly travel bag comprises impact resistant technology and tear resistant material to deliver maximum protection to high value boards.

Elite Lift Foils Bag Details:

  • Weights less than 5kg
  • Versatile foil board bag that can be used with the mast installed flaps
  • Hinged panels and a two-way zip allow separate quick access to the battery and mast areas
  • A detachable and hinged rail band with fold flat top and bottom panels to allow for ease of storage and shipping
  • Comprising of our Paua Pro 4L and 10mm Paua foam to provide maximum protection to the high value boards
  • Made using recycled materials, built to last and 100% recyclable at end of life

Pete Symms, CEO and Founder of Paua, said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with LiftFoils to produce the elite board bag. At Paua we do all we can to change the status quo of packaging and are delighted to have manufactured a lightweight and protective bag to keep your bards safe around the world.”

View Product video here

For more information, visits: https://pauapro.com

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