Pusterla 1880 Acquires Pollard Boxes

Luxury packaging provider Pusterla 1880 has finalised the acquisition of renowned Leicester-based Pollard Boxes. Pollard Boxes is the largest producer of rigid boxes in the UK and among Europe’s top manufacturers, specialising in the design and production of innovative packs for the luxury drinks, beauty, personal care and games sectors.

This acquisition will allow Pusterla 1880 to enlarge its design, development and production resources in the UK market and better meet the increasing demand for quality and customised services. Pollard Boxes will strengthen Pusterla 1880’s presence in the UK by adding strategically located plant to establish a strong group foothold in the country.

Roberto Marini, CEO and Luca Meana, CFO of Pusterla 1880, commented: “This landmark acquisition confirms our ambition for the UK market and reinforces our overall positioning in Europe. Pollard Boxes is renowned for its technical excellence and longstanding client relationships and we look forward to working with Mark Pollard and his team.”

Mark Pollard, Managing Director of Pollard Boxes, added: “Pusterla 1880 combines agile technological innovation with the client-centric approach and the heritage typical of a family-owned business. Becoming part of Pusterla 1880 offers additional opportunities for Pollard Boxes’ clients and employees. We look forward to contributing to the development of the group.”

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