Quadpack Announce New Eco-Safe Sulapac Jar

Quadpack has unveiled its most circular pack yet, a 50ml jar in Sulapac® biocomposite material, with upgraded barrier technology.

The Sulapac range, first brought to market in August 2020, comprises 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars for oil-based and waterless products. The new reference features Sulapac’s new bio-based barrier, to create a fully circular pack for water-based products. Sulapac® material is industrially compostable without leaving permanent microplastics behind. 

The new jar is the perfect size for the most popular skincare products, from anti-ageing treatments to moisturising creams, as well as haircare, lipcare and men’s grooming. The jar’s barrier properties passed standard weight loss tests at Quadpack’s central test laboratory in Barcelona, Spain.

An Orderly Q

Part of Quadpack’s QLine product portfolio, the Sulapac Nordic Collection offers a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging. Made of wood-based biocomposite material that mimics nature, it is suitable for industrial composting. Aimed at beauty brands with a genuine commitment to sustainability, it is a driving force in Quadpack’s journey towards positive-impact packaging.

Made at Quadpack’s manufacturing facilities in Germany, and aailable in nine colours, the jars can be decorated using silk screening and pad printing. The material’s natural texture can be left visible to emphasise a brand’s sustainability claims.

The Sulapac Nordic Collection has been further extended with a 200ml jar for waterless products. The jar is ideal for bodycare, allowing eco-conscious brands to launch a more complete range packaged in one of the industry’s most sustainable materials.

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