Quadpack Release Regula Airless Refill

Smashing sustainability and convenience together in one perfect product, international beauty packaging manufacturer Quadpack has launched the refillable version of its airless best-seller, Regula Airless.

The company’s champion range has taken an important step towards positive-impact packaging. The collection has incorporated a new format which features a refillable mechanism that allows easy removal and insertion of a new refill.

The QLine innovation is a snap-on ring that allows brands and fillers to insert the removable inner component in the pack after filling, through a safe and convenient system that protects the formula. Its eco-design encourages consumers to reuse the product, since the inner part can be easily disassembled through a thread system. In order to boost recyclability, Regula Airless Refill has a free-metal pump.

The pack has the same size as Regula Airless, allowing customers to adopt the refill version easily. Regula Airless Refill is available in 15ml, 30ml and 50 ml versions and it is made in Europe.

The new launch is an example of Quadpack’s ‘positive-impact packaging’ strategy, aiming to continuously improve its product portfolio’s sustainability. Quadpack’s goal is to become a leader in airless packaging globally, relying on its extensive manufacturing capabilities and strategic collaborations.

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