SunDance clients enjoy new flexibility in designing creative pouch packaging for their products

SunDance now offers clients virtually unlimited creativity and flexibility in designing pouch packaging for a wide variety of products. SunDance is a leading producer of printed packaging in the Southeastern U.S., and this newest capability positions the company solidly at the head of the growing shift to flexible packaging—a versatile alternative to boxes, clamshells, and other rigid packaging.

The latest addition to the company’s robust packaging plant, the Hudson Sharp Ares 400, is advanced pouch packaging equipment that accepts recycle-ready polyethylene, laminated films, bio-films, and paper-like films. The ability to choose from an array of packaging film types and thicknesses enables SunDance clients to design an unprecedented variety of pouches to meet virtually any product need.

Among the new pouches that can be created are pouches with a clear front and metallic back that displays pouch contents to excellent effect; a bottom-gusseted stand-up pouch with a clear front, clear bottom and white backing, for example; and a pouch with a backing that resembles Kraft paper for a retro or green look. Zippered pouches, resealable closers, inserted gusset, tamper-proof packaging, and food-grade pouches are also popular options.

In the competitive consumer package goods industry, having the flexibility to mix and match these features offers a wide array of options for creative brands. Crisp digital printing and vibrant colors enhance copy and imagery on the finished packaging. Digital printing also enables multiple SKUs and expiration dates, shorter production runs, and print customization on the fly.

SunDance professionals are happy to assist clients in optimizing the many new pouch packaging opportunities in order to present their products in exciting new ways.

The company’s newest child-resistant packaging recently received a General Certificate of Conformity for compliance with federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act requirements. Learn more about flexible packaging options during a tour of the SunDance printing and packaging facility in Orlando.

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