SupplyOne’s PMP helps manufacturers protect profitability

SupplyOne, the largest independent supplier of custom corrugated and value-added packaging products, packaging equipment and services in the US, highlights its Packaging Management Program. 

The Packaging Management Program, also known as a PMP, employs a proprietary process to uncover hidden costs in a business’s packaging operations to reduce waste and increase efficiencies and savings for a more sustainable operation.

Each Packaging Management Program begins with a complementary packaging assessment. SupplyOne Packaging Specialists follow a proprietary process to analyze packaging spend, evaluate opportunities to optimize existing packaging, and assess the full scope of the manufacturer’s packaging-related operations. The assessment process typically takes one-two days and is accomplished without disrupting the business’ day-to-day operations.

PMP findings result in recommendations to streamline the manufacturer’s supply chain and eliminate complexities that consume time, resources, and working capital. “Companies want more control over their spend. The PMP provides a 360o view of the business’s packaging expenses and a plan to realize immediate and lasting savings,” said Dave Whitney, SVP of Packaging at SupplyOne. “The efficiencies and cash flow improvement identified during an assessment can be transformative in an inflationary environment.” 

In addition to guaranteed direct cost savings, the manufacturer can expect indirect and inventory-related savings and recommendations to reduce resource requirements across all facets of packaging ownership. 

End-to-End Solutions for a Streamlined Supply Chain

SupplyOne’s operating platform includes custom manufacturing capabilities, relationships with more than 3000 suppliers, best-in-class packaging equipment and automation solutions, and a suite of complementary services spanning every aspect of packaging ownership. These capabilities allow SupplyOne Packaging Specialists to provide objective guidance and a comprehensive Packaging Management Program tailored to each customer’s unique needs and objectives.  

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