TUBES – Wines & Spirits by the Glass announces opening of new production facility in Napa

TUBES – Wines & Spirits by the glass, the Dutch company specializing in bottling wines and spirits in single serve glass and recycled plastic tubes, opens a new facility in Napa, California, in October 2022.

This latest expansion brings the modern packaging solution to the U.S. market amid growing success in the gift, travel, sampling, and retail industries.

TUBES provides customers, consumers, and prospects an innovative and sustainable tasting tool through fully customizable elegant tubes of 50ml and 100ml.

Rudy Ruiz, TUBES Strategic Advisor and former CEO of Bacardi USA says, “after 30 years in the industry, I’m excited to see innovation through such a novel format. TUBES allows producers and retailers to bring products to modern consumers through unique tasting experiences.

A Solution to an Evolving Industry

TUBES created an ingenious marketing tool to get liquids on lips. With a single bottle of wine or spirit, brands can reach 7 to 14 clients, raising brand awareness while significantly reducing their waste, cost, and carbon footprint.

This is my favorite innovation from the pandemic,” said Laura Catena, Managing Director of Bodega Catena Zapata. “We made a 5 crus kit for our Adrianna Vineyard ‘Vinos de Parcela’ that allowed us to tell the story behind the wines in a brief 15-minute tasting.” TUBES Founder Glen Ritzen adds, “we’re honored to have won the trust of such iconic brands and thrilled to provide them with tools to extend their tasting room into people’s homes.”

Other acclaimed companies such as VINEBOX, Concha y Toro, Treasury Wine Estates, Vivant, Constellation Brands, Diageo, and Lucas Bols have partnered with TUBES to create entertaining and interactive tasting experiences to engage with their consumers. “In the US three-tier system connecting directly with the consumer is something brands will love” says Ruiz.

Cutting-edge Technology to Preserve Quality

TUBES U.S. facility has the capacity to bottle up to 20 million tubes per year using a patented technology designed to preserve the quality of wines and spirits. Products will be bottled in a full inert environment to avoid any influence of oxygen, maintaining the organoleptic qualities and taste bouquet of every beverage.

Once bottled, wine is preserved between 6-9 months in recycled plastic tubes, and up to 24 months in glass tubes allowing for a qualitative commercial shelf-life. Spirits can be kept in tubes even longer.

TUBES latest expansion will bring this innovative solution to the U.S. and continue to offer countless benefits for producers, retailers, and consumers without compromising the quality of the best wines and spirits. “In a highly competitive industry with unlimited choices, we saw an opportunity to scale the age-old tactic of trial with a modern twist,” says Ritzen, “we’re delighted to finally serve the U.S. divisions of the great brands we’ve worked with.”

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For more information on TUBES, visit www.wineintubes.com

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