Waitrose launch wrap-free bouquets

For this Mother’s Day, Waitrose has launched two wrap-free bouquets through Waitrose Florist as part of their commitment to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing waste and eliminating single-use plastic.

Both the Wrap-Free Rose Bouquet (£50) and the Wrap-Free Calla Lily Bouquet (£40) have had all single-use plastics removed from their packaging and instead have been wrapped in a protective layer of Fatsia leaves. 

The rubber band that would normally hold the stems together has also been removed and replaced with a reusable, natural twine and the flower food also comes in a paper-based sachet which is widely recyclable. 

Chris Wood, Waitrose Head Florist, said: “We’ve removed the single-use plastic on these two new bouquets and instead, used Fatsia leaves and other foliages such as palm leaves to protect the flowers, rather than cellophane wrap.”

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