WindowsWear Awards: Delta Global wins Best Packaging for Net-a-Porter design

Delta Global, the UK headquartered luxury packaging provider, has won the prestigious WindowsWear Best Packaging award with its innovative ‘Advent calendar’ creation for Net-A-Porter.

Industry insiders from across the world cast votes in their thousands to honour outstanding retail projects from the globe’s most prestigious brands. Delta Global’s Christmas campaign packaging for Net-A-Porter beat fierce competition to land the prize, with entries from Chanel, Coach, Gucci and Valentino competing for the honour.

The success of the packaging was highlighted by its huge commercial appeal, with the entire range selling out almost immediately after it appeared online. As a result, Net-a-Porter has already secured a partnership with Delta Global to provide its Christmas 2022 package offering.

Robert Lockyer, Chief Client Officer and founder of Delta Global, said: “Net-a-Porter is a true e-commerce pioneer, and its influence among luxury online fashion outlets is unmatched. Working with them was both an honour and motivating factor in creating something truly innovative in such a competitive seasonal market for luxury retailers.”

The focus on an innovative packaging solution led to a standout concept that the brand named ‘25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar’. The calendar-style packaging contained luxury skincare products curated by a team of specialist beauty experts for every day of the season. Each elegantly rendered ‘window’ was designed to present the consumer with a full or mini-sized version with best-selling beauty products.

Robert added: “Not only did the packaging need to act as a powerful communication tool for Net-A-Porter’s commitment to quality, individuality and sustainability, but the practical necessities made design and execution a considerable and motivating challenge.

“Our experience working with some of the biggest names in luxury fashion and beauty – Tom Ford, MATCHESFASHION, L’Occitane – meant our team were prepared for, and excited by, the prospect of a truly unique project.”

The result was a sleek and sustainable packaging creation, with an entirely black and ribboned exterior maximising a memorable unboxing experience. To reinforce Net-A-Porter’s commitment to sustainability, the packaging used the highest material standards and manufacturing processes.

Robert was thrilled that Delta Global’s comprehensive methods of achieving packaging to differentiate Net-a-Porter from competitors was recognised by those within the retail industry.

He said: “Luxury brands understand the growing importance of packaging from both the market and consumer perspective. It is an increasingly important marketing tool and essential to the luxury experience.”

“That Delta Global has been acknowledged for creating last year’s best packaging by industry leaders is a moment of great satisfaction and pride. We look forward to creating more innovative luxury packaging solutions in 2022.”

To find out more about Delta Global, visit https://deltaglobal.co/dgi 

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