World Centric announces 2022 Giving and Social Impact Projects

World Centric has announced its 2022 social and environmental grants. The market innovator in compostable foodservice and packaging products gave $1,541,434 in financial contributions across 22 grants to 15 non-profits this year.

As a mission driven company, World Centric donates 25% of profits each year to fund grassroots community projects around the world and to account for their carbon emissions. This year’s projects are funded with profits from 2021 and focus on providing basic needs, as well as economic and community development, for communities experiencing extreme poverty around the world.

The company’s areas of contribution centered on projects and organizations committed to providing clean water, income generation, education, food security, forest preservation and replanting, healthcare, sanitation and indigenous land rights. Emphasis centered on high impact efforts, with preference for systemic approaches and local community empowerment and engagement to create lasting change and viable solutions.

This year’s partners are:

  • Advocates for Community Alternatives, Ghana & Liberia
  • Aliados, Ecuador
  • Amazon Frontlines, Ecuador
  • DESPRI, Haiti
  • Green Again Restoration, Madagascar
  • Integrate Health, Togo
  • Power of Love, Zambia & India
  • People for Progress in India (PPI), India
  • Raising the Village, Uganda
  • Rainforest Action Network (RAN), International
  • SOIL, Haiti
  • SOPUDEP, Haiti
  • Spark Microgrants, Burundi
  • WINGS, Guatemala
  • Women’s Global Education Project, Kenya

“Since 2009 World Centric has been able to fund more than 260 projects in under-served regions around the world,” said Janae Lloyd, Director of Impact at World Centric. “We are incredibly grateful to our non-profit partners working to help communities thrive and for our customers and employees who make this giving possible.”

For more details on World Centric’ approach to giving as well as details for each funded project, see worldcentric.com/giving.

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