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Make packaging your ambassador in new markets

Thanks to rapid advancements intransport, logistics, and communication technology, today’s businesses are increasingly connected. In this thriving landscape, many companies now find themselves capable of operating across international borders and tapping into markets beyond their immediate surroundings. However, with this opportunity comes new challenges – not least of which is the complexity of designing packaging for use in new environments.

Packaging often acts as an ambassador for your customers. Serving as the first point of contact they have with your products, well designed packaging is vital for making a good first impression. Packaging can inform customers about the product contents, your brand values, your company, and more.

Imagine, then, if that ambassador did not speak the local language. So why is packaging treated any differently?

While language requirements are covered by legislation, there are other localisation elements to consider when it comes to what your packaging communicates. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, and nowhere is this truer than in packaging design.

Everything from the shape and size of a pack to the colours used in the branding can speak volumes, but what these features say can differ from country to country. Colours, symbols, shapes and sizes often have different connotations around the world. For example, while purple is often associated with luxury and status, in Thailand and parts of South America, it can carry connotations of death and mourning – not necessarily something that a brand would want to be connected with.

That is not to mention environmental factors, which can differ wildly between regions. Humidity and temperature can affect packaging integrity, damaging its ability to adequately protect its contents. These need to be carefully considered when creating new packaging as materials, adhesives, and other design elements may need adapting depending on the local weather.

Other established brands will likely have better insights into local needs, meaning that businesses looking to compete need to arm themselves with the requisite knowledge. In established markets, gaining an understanding of local specifics can by achieved by attending events like London Packaging Week and instrumental in ensuring your products stand out while still speaking the local language.

Navigating regulations is another area where unprepared businesses may find themselves tripping up. With packaging regulations constantly evolving, it can feel harder and harder for businesses to successfully sell the same products across international borders. These laws can directly affect everything from the information that must be displayed on a label, to what can be included for recycling purposes.

Knowledge is power. Failure to comprehend local regulations risks unnecessary complications in international expansion. In contrast, success here smooths the transition into a new market. This knowledge, as well as the local nuances in terms of design, are the kind of value that can only be gained through attending events like London Packaging Week.

London Packaging Week is the perfect opportunity to connect with industry professionals and share knowledge on what makes for successful packaging design across borders. This year’s event, held on September 11-12 at the ExCeL London, promises a packed programme of events led by industry experts that will provide ample opportunities to discover the secrets of successful design.

With places already selling fast, there is no time like the present to book your tickets for the year’s premier packaging event.

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