Empire Screen Printing enriches customers’ brands

Empire Screen Printing, a leading manufacturer of screen-printed products, places building its customers’ brands at the heart of its mission.

It achieves this by creating custom products that help define each customer’s identity, with a constant focus on listening to customer feedback and conducting sustainable, environmentally-safe production methods. 

One of the methods that Empire uses to build customers’ brands is printing custom decals, stickers, and labels. From the back of the car to the front of a laptop, the places where decal products are applied build brand awareness for a company. And so, these products need to be not only high quality but also resilient and weather resistant.

When Ron Jon Surf Shop — one of the most beloved brands in the surf retail industry — came to Empire looking to up-level their decals, Empire recommended domed decals. These domed decals provide a durable, high-impact decal coated with a crystal-line polymer that creates a 3D effect. The product’s clear coating also resists UV rays, dents, scratches, and abrasions, making it the perfect option for Ron Jon’s customers, who enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Labels provide another brand-building method that helps define the look, feel and quality of a customer’s products. Labels can also serve as consumer engagement tools. For example, a leading sporting goods and leisure company used Empire’s labels to create an RFID tag that linked to the customer’s app. Here, rigorous quality control played a crucial part in Empire meeting the high demands of fitness fanatics.

The full scope of Empire’s brand building, screen-printed products extends beyond domed decals and custom labels to include over 20 products, including overlays, kitting, combo sheets, and various unique applications. Every decision a company makes shapes its overall brand, from its customer service to its product labels and stickers. By listening to customer needs and paying attention to the smallest level of detail, Empire makes sure its customers’ brand identity stands out and sticks.

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