Epson introduces two new SurePress Digital Label Presses

Epson America continues its legacy of providing world-class white ink prime label printing with the introduction of the  SurePress® L-4733AW water-based resin ink digital label press, delivering improved automation.

Additionally, as label converters look for ways to add additional colour gamut to labels without increasing price, Epson is adding the SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink to its portfolio of UV inkjet digital label presses. These new additions to the SurePress line offer higher levels of print quality, consistency, flexibility, and value for label converters, specialty printers and vertical manufacturers.

The SurePress L-4733AW builds on the success of its predecessor, the L-4533AW, one of the leading selling digital inkjet label presses on the market today, to offer advanced automation and unattended printing features, higher productivity on film substrates and an optional inline spectrometer. The SurePress L-6543VW with Orange Ink, an alternative to the L-6534VW with Digital Varnish, has a 92% PANTONE coverage certification within Delta E of 1.5, using minimum colours to deliver maximum gamut. Enabling reliable and repeatable high-speed printing of up to 2 million square feet per month,2 it can serve the largest of label converters.  

“Label converters and specialty printers are looking for solutions that are simple and cost-effective to operate and maintain, and can deliver on stable, predictable production,” said Mike Pruitt, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc. “Epson enhanced its industrial SurePress line-up by adding new capabilities with the L-4733AW and expanding gamut with the L-6534VW with Orange Ink, which can help businesses save on upfront costs and maintenance. These advancements come without the compromise of simple operation and maintenance, production or print quality.”

More about the SurePress L-4733AW
The SurePress L-4733AW delivers on automation and ease of use. Virtually automatic, requiring no manual cleaning of the printhead surface, the L-4733AW is primed for unattended printing. With the optional SureSpectro AS-4000 inline spectrometer for real-time automated measurements to speed profiling and ensure consistent output for multi-plant networks, the L-4733AW delivers accurate spot colours and gradients required for brand-quality colour prime labels and packaging. The L-4733AW supports a range of substrates, including off-the-shelf flexo materials, without the need to surface prime. Its inks meet the latest safety standards and regulations, such as REACH, and deliver high-quality images, making it a versatile press ideal for converters focusing on food and beverage and health and beauty labels.

More about the SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink
The SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink uses CMYK with standard high-opacity White Ink plus Orange Ink to widen the colour gamut using minimum colors required to do so. Incorporating PrecisionCore linehead technology and high-pigment, low-migration LED UV curing ink, the press’s center drum system is a space-saving, compact design integrating all of the functions required for production, such as Corona treatment, White Ink, web cleaner, ionizer, and an additional UV curing unit, all standard. The new model also supports a range of paper and film substrates, offering low running costs.

The SurePress L-4733AW and L-6534VW with Orange Ink will be available in June 2022. Epson’s SurePress digital label press systems are engineered with Epson components including ink, printheads, LED pinning, and curing, and use an Epson Industrial Robotic Controller to manage the press rather than a PC, further enhancing reliability and stability. For additional information, visit For inquiries in North America, contact:

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