Food producers are urged to focus on their branding at the start of British Food Fortnight

This year’s British Food Fortnight promises to be bigger than ever as producers from around the country celebrate their diverse and delicious food.

But the growth in popularity of British produced food has meant it is increasingly harder for producers, and especially smaller businesses, to stand out, and ultimately be bought by consumers.

Labelling expert, AA Labels, is therefore urging British food businesses to stay ahead of the competition by thinking carefully how they brand and label their food packaging. But with many smaller businesses having tight budgets and often a lack of resources to design and create artwork, this element of marketing is often not invested in.

Comments AA Labels Business Development Manager, Ian Axelsen said: “There is an incorrect perception that labelling and the printing of artwork on retail packaging is one of the biggest expenditures in food marketing. At AA Labels, we champion small businesses and support a range of food producers, creating and honing designs for a relatively small financial investment that can pay dividends.

“We recognise the importance of branding, and our teams speak directly to all sizes of British producers to help them create the right labelling for their products. From small bespoke production runs to larger industrial carton printing, we have the capability to flex according to each producer’s needs, at a low cost.”

AA Labels also meets the requirements demanded by the UK’s strict food packaging safety laws, with most of its mainstream label materials and adhesives approved for use with foodstuffs. It is also worth noting that because AA Labels do not produce labelling or packaging for edible content that is not wrapped (e.g. fresh sandwich boxes), it is not required to have a sterile area within the production space.

AA Labels has long championed smaller businesses and has been in the fortunate position to see many of them grow from table-top enterprises into serious competition for high street names.

Ian added: “We are proud to have supported so many businesses that have grown, playing an important part in their success story. What can start off as one small order for stick-on labels, can quickly move into large scale production with new lines and designs. We champion home-grown producers and wish all those involved in British Food Fortnight the very best.”  

AA Labels supports a range of British food businesses, spanning the length and breadth of the country. Its team will offer support to those that need design advice, or offer suggestions if artwork needs to be modified to be as effective as possible. Some of the producers it has supported in the last 12 months with its printed labels on a roll service include:

Husk & Honey – award winning cereals from London

Cornish Chillies – The finest chill jams and products from Cornwall

Banquist – curated food subscription based in London

Tiger & Float – dairy free mil drinks from the heart of Bristol

Weston Biltong Company – Traditional South African Biltong made in Britain

Hot Scotch – home grown chutney and jams – with a dash of Indian spice

The Cosy Chocolate Company – delicious home-made chocolate flakes and accessories  from the Cotswolds

Visit for more information on its label design service and for an instant quote.

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