Frontier Label change their company name to Sttark

Frontier Label, custom label printer, announced their official company name change to Sttark. The change reflects the addition of new services, including custom carton printing and graphic design services. Sttark aims to be the most satisfying solution for custom printed packaging and intends to add more services in the future to accomplish that goal.

In addition to the name change, Sttark is also undergoing a rebrand to be distinct from their former identity. Once using cyan as the primary brand colour, Sttark brand colours will now be green, black, and white. Further changes include a new logo and new ordering tool, but much of the infrastructure of the website remains the same.

Ownership of the company and personnel will remain the same. No buyout has occurred, nor is there one in the works. The change from Frontier Label to Sttark is purely to reflect the new direction the company wishes to take.

“‘Stark’ is a German word meaning strong, simple, straightforward, complete, perfect, pure, thorough, surpassing, unadulterated, and powerful. To make it unique, we spell our name with two T’s,” says Dan Frist, owner and founder of Frontier Label, now Sttark.

Frontier Label has been incredibly successful as a custom label provider for nearly twenty years. The evolution of their brand to Sttark and the addition of these new services will solidify them as a household name in custom printed packaging for years to come.

Sttark is a one-stop shop for everything related to custom printed packaging. With extremely fast turnaround speeds, premium materials, and cutting-edge equipment, Stark is one of the most satisfying providers of custom printed packaging in the industry. Learn more about Sttark by visiting or call 877-277-4682.

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